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How to change the currency code for menu items?

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    This requires a small bit of change in Javascript.

    To do this, you can either:
    1) Access your Cpanel and open file manager. Browse to the files (check the path of the URL).
    2) Or access the files via FTP.

    File to change

    Highlighted in line 5 and line 7, change the currency code $ to desired currency code.
    Line 5 tells Javascript what to look for in your text as the currency code identifier.
    Line 7 prints out the currency code.

    Below is an example of changing from $ to €

    var arr = data.split('€');
    $(this).html(""+arr[0] + "    €" +arr[1]+ "");

    Easy as that. Feel free to ask anything in this thread relating to currency code changes in Bonjour Divi Child Theme.

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