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Can I open a page in a Lightbox from main menu?

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    According with divi light box plugin we are looking to know is this plugin is able to open a light box a full page with semi transparent background, and if is possible to add a CROSS X symbol in the top right corner to close the Lightbox?

    To better understand please open this links and open a single image portfolio from the home.

    image demo:

    Thank you



    Hello Mark,

    Yes, full page with semi transparent background is possible.

    Please check out the demos here:

    However, the X symbol is default and can’t be changed. We will put this in the pipeline for future enhancements.


    Hi, I have checked all the live demo, in my opinion your plugin was a good idea, but you haven’t been improved at all in the last year in fact it loading very slow the Lightbox also on my iPhone look really bad is not responsive and is not clear and is behave …

    I believe you should do a new version and work hard to make it work in the very best way just like in the demo link that I send you. I’m sure if you will reach that level of quality in terms of compatibility and fluidity you will sell a lots of copy.

    But right now I don’t think you should keep selling a plugin like this …

    Sorry if I’m direct but it’s for you interest

    Best regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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